Feel Free to Roam

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nneka - In Charge

Nneka - Kangpe

El Dorado Birth of my Liberty

El Dorado Birth of my Liberty

known for her mighty rivers
who  seek fertile contours
along the deep Atlantic and
penetrated mighty Kaieteur

Who seek fertile contours
of a once prolific womb?
Penetrated mighty Kaieteur
with autonomous right,

Of a once prolific womb
lay scattered heroes bones
With autonomous right,
bloody cries surge from weaken  villages

Lay scattered heroes bones
in shrunken hearts of lost migrants.
Bloody cries echo from weaken villages
homes  ancestral treasury.

in shrunken hearts of lost migrants
along the deep Atlantic and
homes  ancestral treasury.
Known for her mighty rivers



Omianna Hintzen - James
Golden honey lit yellah woman, burning through
knowledge. Air soldier full busted mover, flat -
feet shaker, ground rebel claimin 1979, blessed
child, journey free spirit, womb soon yield
strong cocoa filled babies that take flight
against doubt , devoted to yuh muddah, respect
absent fahdah, golden honey lit yellah woman!

Nanny of The Maroons.
Hit the ground like mongoose take flight
Boom Boom Boom Boom! Master Jack on
the attack, 800 souls came through your
door, Shango say  dem was so much 
more, laid flat at river banks hidden
bush ruby freeing trapped slaves . Reckon Captain
 Sambo took yah body, not your soul.

Biggie Smalls a.k.a Christopher Wallace
Illest outlaw, shatter hooked phonies on ghetto
blocks . Fucked Blues and birthed Hip Hop .
Junior M.A.F.I.A, Bad Boy, NYC Full-Timing,
Under ground hustler, dollar pusher straight climbin.
O.G  Prophecy , sable heavy padded, 1972 popped
out womb. Lyrics as thick as Bob Marley’s
Dread Locks, forever soldier to Hip Hop .

Pregnant Eyes

Prof. Gregory Pardlo
May 12th, 2009

Pregnant Eyes

I can’t believe this woman
Yall real hard headed
No compassion fuh people eh.
I tell yah me brother dead
And I need lil money to help with the burial
And all you could do is give me
Hundred dallah
Hundred dallah
A should neva bring yall here
Give yall opportunity
Fuh yall turn round and spit pun me.
Shouldah left yah ass to rot in that mud village.
Is who feed and clothed
you and yah children eh,
as fuh them I don’t know what parenting you did
They ain’t got no manners
none what so ever,
the lil one just like you.
Hot headed and rude
and the older one
me and know who she belong to
You must be put ma name on somebody else pickni
Just a lil small piece fuh help bury me buddy
And all you could fork out yah pocket
Is hundred dallah
Hundred dallah
Good for nothing woman
See when I come back hey
Mek sure you and yah children gone
Pack yuh Georgy bundle
And clear yah rass out!

Patacake Metamorphosis

Patacake Metamorphosis

Three cornered harmony laced infectious pride
glazed rich obsidian of enlightened bold pride

Your initiation though stealth with readiness was
tainted with fecal extensions of decayed pride.

Shifted through broken spaces, nested in foreign places
sudden swollen compromises lead to aborted pride.

Found you in vestibules of scattered moralities
chasing fallacious cures betting on dollar pride.

 Haunted visions from Sankofa’s lens beckoned
stubborn ears to cries of aging maternal pride.

Internal libation dispelled trapped demons
life now came forth in new informed pride.

Fueled potential opened rich spaces, labor
for tangible passions of respected pride.

Meticulous portal only curved rounds who planted
potent seeds of fulsome youths marked African Pride.

Pathway of Chaka Zulu, Nandi, Askia, Coffy 1763,
Toussaint, Martin, Madiba, Winnie, iconic Pride.

Tri symphony breeds rhythms from Ghana to
Rwanda, Buxton to Congo blood filled pride.

Trillion cut worshipped gem tranquil reign
Unfold fresh values, valiantly rain pride.

Candace renewed womb-man claims it all
Hidden balls, proud walls scream of attained pride.

Looking fiorward to rewriting this..not proud of the outcome as yet

Rebels of Earth and Sky.

Prof. Latasha Diggs
Sonnet – Pleasures of Sex
Nov 1st, 2010
Task : Omitting the use of the letter eand using fruits instead of sexual signal phrases etc

Rebels of Earth and Sky.
Round jumbo sapodillas form imprints in silky hollows
kiss midnight's air with bold provocation, Kintu walks
across a charcoal plum canvas to find Nambi’s mangos shadows
summoning the moons luminous glow, and crafting locks
in Kintu’s honor.  Join sun worship psidiums into raw solution
moonlight coats dual lust of exploding sour sops pouring
thick spurs of mandarin passion upon onyx stain infusion.
Plantain drowns in silky sapota liquids, rhythms soaring
sky high like sinful imprints stomping on archaic concoction.
Ning Ning simah Ohi, Ning Ning simah Ohi, Ning Ning simah Ohi
Ohi simah Ning Ning, Ohi simah Ning Ning, Ohi simah Ning Ning
Ohi Ohi, Ning Ning, Ohi Ohi, Ning Ning,  Ohi Ohi Ning Nambiiiiiiiii