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Friday, July 2, 2010

Where The Balls At (Journal entry for Fiction)

It had nothing to do with him but he is so completely wrapped up in his ego it's impossible for him to see beyond himself. It's as though he's walking around with his head violently wedge within his anus. Yes it's safe to say i despise him. Not in the sense of rage and hate but his tactless, materialistic and selfish attitude just causes my brain to involuntarily detach from my body and contemplate leaping out of my skull.
I was bonking him as much as he was getting pussy. it's a two way street! That Fucker! He called, in a fit because i refused to come over to assist his arrogant dick to an orgasm. Does he think my orifices are his playground, No this is not John Mayor's "Your body is a wonderland." Fuck that. If i don't feel like cumming most definitely i am not going to come. Probably he doesn't understand the prinicple of Buddy Assistant. Before i thought he was the perfect choice, we're sexually compatible his organ is waaaaaaay above average....I pause to reflect

and we were together for four years. So why not let your Buddy Assist be your ex. i felt things would not get complicated. Boy was i wrong. It's generally known that it is quite dangerous to dive into a platonic relationship with your Ex. But the base line of that ideal is simply related to the 'out of control wacky ditsy female emotions'. Some chauvinistic crow probably sarted that rumor... (rubbish)

the fact that i still love him made the sexual escapades even more exciting and darn satisfying might i add. But i understood that beyond the friction in the sheets there was no more left to be had by either one of us. I just needed some, was i wrong... (shut your judging eyes and curve that wagging finger)
Though i must mention in order to carry on this affair taking into consideration his overbearing male ego. i had to instill the pretense that the space between my thighs salivated for him alone and as such, he was the only Knight who roamed my hidden hollows...

HAH HAH! Such a gullible prehistoric ape, so yes i played tit for tat with his ridiculous invasions of my privacy and coyly responded to his vacuous declarations of love. he never once conceived the idea that a woman, needless to say i, would actually OWN the scrotum lost within some fractured state of genetics and treat him as marginally as he and his man clan have done to female beings.

Yes I reduced him to the basic function of his penile organ and yes i take no shame with it. however, the hyena growling escaping through the receiver of my phone at three in the morning was not expected and certainly not welcomed. So, with no more hesitation i introduced his ear drum to the dial tone and drifted into my slumber, content that the screeching nagging on the line did not belong to a BITCH.

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