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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sestina - The Gospel : Hum 102-001 Spoken Word

The Gospel

Why you preaching gospel
infecting the minds of the people
with your bogus ministry.
Let them burn the church
Even the Minister’s address
False blessing for the slum.

See antichrist rise from the slum
he coming for you and the gospel
With a list of names to address
the souls of the people.
Lurking like vipers in the church
money is a festering ulcer in the ministry.

Make formal your address
confiding in the ministry
will bring no resolve. The people
may take pity on a son of the slum,
wash in the gospel
kneel in the church

but don’t drink the gospel.
Leave the foolery for the people
who are puppets to the ministry
and temporary saints of the church
remember the antichrist knows your address
he has no pity for men of the slum.

Sitting at the altar of the Church
is Jehovah’s address
contorted by the hands of the gospel
poisoning the message of the ministry.
Bring your treasures from the slum
we don’t discriminate against people,

leave your address
in the guestbook, the ministry
needs to be near you, people
leave your burdens in the slum
bring your change and come. The gospel
is the heart of the church.

Address the ministry.
Use the people of the slum.
Formula of the Gospel Church.

Poem: Sestina created from found text : Scams

First. 1. Read the following text and

2. Select 6 words (nouns) directly from the text. Do not select

abstract nouns or pronouns (I, You, They, He, Her, etc.).

Select only concrete nouns.

From: Pastor Kothapalli Prabhakara Rao
Subject: fellowship
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 11:14:57 +0000 (GMT)

Dear in Christ,

I greet you in the precious name of Jesus. I praise God that He has
privileged me to send this email to you for your kind co-operation to
spread the Gospel and save the perishing soul. You do not know me, but it has happened for me to find your e-mail address on the internet. Please for give me for my intrusion like this. I am Pastor. K.Prabhakara Rao. God blessed me with two sons and one daughter. I have been doing God’s work for the last seven years. We live in a slum area, in a rented hut. My Church people are very Poor. They can not support me for a month. I have many needs in the ministry to spread the Gospel. I have no-support from any where. I have been doing the Gospel work by faith I am in need of a monthly support to do the ministry. In this regard I request you to help me a s Lord enables you. I will be ever grateful to you. I sincerely pray for your good health. Please remember me in your regular prayers. If possible please come to India share the Gospel with our people here. I await your kind reply prayerfully and hopefully.

Sincerely your brother in Christ.
Pastor. K. Prabhakara Rao.

My six words

The funny thing is most of the class chose or wrote along the lines of religion...Go Figure.
Quite a challenge but i will continue to practice this form...it's going to be most benifical improving my word usage and so forth.

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