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Monday, November 8, 2010

Patacake Metamorphosis

Patacake Metamorphosis

Three cornered harmony laced infectious pride
glazed rich obsidian of enlightened bold pride

Your initiation though stealth with readiness was
tainted with fecal extensions of decayed pride.

Shifted through broken spaces, nested in foreign places
sudden swollen compromises lead to aborted pride.

Found you in vestibules of scattered moralities
chasing fallacious cures betting on dollar pride.

 Haunted visions from Sankofa’s lens beckoned
stubborn ears to cries of aging maternal pride.

Internal libation dispelled trapped demons
life now came forth in new informed pride.

Fueled potential opened rich spaces, labor
for tangible passions of respected pride.

Meticulous portal only curved rounds who planted
potent seeds of fulsome youths marked African Pride.

Pathway of Chaka Zulu, Nandi, Askia, Coffy 1763,
Toussaint, Martin, Madiba, Winnie, iconic Pride.

Tri symphony breeds rhythms from Ghana to
Rwanda, Buxton to Congo blood filled pride.

Trillion cut worshipped gem tranquil reign
Unfold fresh values, valiantly rain pride.

Candace renewed womb-man claims it all
Hidden balls, proud walls scream of attained pride.

Looking fiorward to rewriting this..not proud of the outcome as yet

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  1. Assignment right baout a body part; i swaer i would of chosen something else but i have not given my best this semester ..very over worked or just losing my motivation...
    Anyhow looking forward to the rewrite