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Monday, November 8, 2010

Pregnant Eyes

Prof. Gregory Pardlo
May 12th, 2009

Pregnant Eyes

I can’t believe this woman
Yall real hard headed
No compassion fuh people eh.
I tell yah me brother dead
And I need lil money to help with the burial
And all you could do is give me
Hundred dallah
Hundred dallah
A should neva bring yall here
Give yall opportunity
Fuh yall turn round and spit pun me.
Shouldah left yah ass to rot in that mud village.
Is who feed and clothed
you and yah children eh,
as fuh them I don’t know what parenting you did
They ain’t got no manners
none what so ever,
the lil one just like you.
Hot headed and rude
and the older one
me and know who she belong to
You must be put ma name on somebody else pickni
Just a lil small piece fuh help bury me buddy
And all you could fork out yah pocket
Is hundred dallah
Hundred dallah
Good for nothing woman
See when I come back hey
Mek sure you and yah children gone
Pack yuh Georgy bundle
And clear yah rass out!

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