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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Free Verse .

I Cry Murder Me

Attempted murder in the first degree
I've hustled my
soul through the tunnel of present
And I find myself
rigid and torn
hurt and ashamed
scared and worrisome.

Attempted murder in the first degree,
I've hung my spirit around the rope of love
I'm staggering to remain conscious of my illusions
cause even my illusions don't comfort me
Attempted murder in the first degree
I find myself consumed by a disease
contracted from the tools of humanity.

Fatal wounds that linger masked by glee,
ignoring the devastation of my tragedy
with each second that slips by, I lose my life.
Convicted in the first degree
I resolved that I’ve murdered my Identity.
Scattered my morality to
compromise my senseless misfortunes,
cheated time and traded my mind for
sensuality and a fountain of Hennessey
unforeseen conception now strives to survive in
a swine of despair and defeat
Refrain my unborn one,
regardless of thy strength
Dead on Arrival you are destine to be.

sorrow and grief - I seek my honesty
cradled in thorns and abandon by love
I seek no blessings...they only fail me.
Just a blade to drain this uncertainty
Attempted murder in the first degree.
I Cry Murder Me.

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